Will AR and VR become more prevalent in gaming within the next couple of years?

A significant part of the coed lifestyle is finding time to have fun with friends and relax a little when not studying. One of the most popular ways college students choose to do this is by playing online casino games and console video games. Students at the University of Pennsylvania can enjoy slots at PA online gambling sites while students around the coed system across the States all love some console time. Of course, one of the major reasons that gaming continues to be so popular with so many people is the latest tech it uses to drive itself forward.

But why is this key, and could we see tech like AR and VR more widely in gaming in the near future? 

Tech helps gaming move with the times

In essence, this is why using the latest technology in gaming is so important. Can you imagine playing the earliest forms of online slot games now or modern video games not having moved on from Pong? The video slots, online casino games, and video games we now enjoy are so much more advanced. 

That is due to not only the extra processing power in consoles but also the faster internet speeds we have, the more substantial amount of power in most laptops and smartphones, and the sophisticated tech studios have to make new titles with. This means the best video games and online casino games we now play have super realistic graphics, a more immersive atmosphere, next-level sound effects, and a true to life feel. All this helps keep gaming relevant and continues to keep people playing.

Will AR and VR be seen more soon?

When it comes to the latest technological innovations in gaming, AR and VR are the major news. But what are they, are they almost ready to be seen in games and what do they offer? 

Let’s start with AR. It stands for Augmented Reality – in simple terms, this takes the real world around you and adds additional things to it, which are not real. Pokémon Go is perhaps the most famous AR game of recent years. If you have ever played it, you know how AR works in gaming terms. The tech behind AR takes your real-world environment and creates an artificial, invisible field of play inside which in-game audio and content is then placed. Players can see this content when looking at the game on the device they are playing on.

AR is usually reserved for games played on tablets, smartphones, or portable gaming systems. That makes it ideal for online casino games as well as video games. Can you imagine, for example, using your mobile to play an AR-enhanced slot with the machine apparently in front of you with in-game characters larger than life? AR as tech is already being used in gaming, as we have talked about above, and we should certainly see more of it soon. 

What about VR?

The next big tech leap for gaming is VR – or Virtual Reality gaming. It is something that game studios and developers have been trying to use for a long time. What has recently changed, is that the tech needed to do it well is now widely available, and the products consumers need (such as VR headsets) are affordable. VR gaming tends to be on static consoles or PC’s due to the nature of the type of gaming it delivers

VR differs from AR in that the player is transported into an artificial game world, which appears to be real when wearing the headset. None of the action takes place in the real-world environment where they are playing. As with AR, we are starting to see VR more and more in gaming. There are now VR online casinos that offer a next-level immersive experience to players. There is also a range of VR games for big consoles like the PlayStation to buy right now. What we can expect, though, is that more VR games and platforms will be seen in the near future, and more people will begin to use them.

AR and VR set to be more prevalent soon

Of course, it is hard to make any concrete predictions when it comes to tech and what will be seen more in the future. With AR and VR both offering such a unique and advanced experience compared to standard gaming, though, it is reasonable to assume both will be more common in the coming years. As the studios begin to use this tech even more in games and the majority of people begin to get into it as well, we should start to see it lots more within gaming. 

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