Nicholas Johnson: Princeton’s First Black Valedictorian in School History

Nicholas Johnson has made history. The Princeton University student learned that he has accomplished being the valedictorian for his graduating class, making Johnson the first black valedictorian in school history, according to Good Morning America.

“My favorite memories of my time at Princeton are memories of time spent with close friends and classmates engaging in stimulating discussions — often late at night — about our beliefs, the cultures and environments in which we were raised, the state of the world, and how we plan on contributing positively to it in our own unique way,” Johnson said.

“It is very empowering and I hope the achievement can serve as an inspiration and motivation for black students.”

Princeton announced the news on its website.

From the report:

Johnson, a Montreal, Canada, native and operations research and financial engineering student, is a former software engineer at Google’s California headquarters who is passionate about advocating for diversity in STEM. Johnson is a graduate of Selwyn House School and attended Marianopolis College, both of which are located in Westmount, Quebec. He is the youngest son of a mother who derives from Jamaica and father from the Bahamas. He said that he’s drawn inspiration both from his older sister growing up, who is currently pursing her Master’s Degree at New York University’s Tisch School of Music in New York City.

Along with his major, Johnson is pursuing certificates in statistics and machine learning, applied and computational mathematics, and applications of computing.

Congratulations to Johnson on the accomplishment.

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