LOOK: Atlanta Falcons Unveil New Uniforms, Including Gradient Alternate Jersey

The Atlanta Falcons are one of a handful of NFL franchises that will be entering the 2020-21 regular season with new uniforms. On Wednesday, April 8, the Falcons showed off their new threads after leaks initially dropped online.

True to Atlanta, the Falcons will have a primary black uniform with an alternate white look, but there is plenty more.

The Falcons will also include a classic throwback into their uniform rotation, while the team boasts a unique alternate red look. The jersey features a gradient that transitions to black. All jerseys have a red stripe down the side. The center of the jerseys features an “ATL” badge.

The helmet is matte black with a gray facemask and silver accented logo.

“There’s no place like the ATL. It’s the epicenter of culture, creativity and commerce. From young to old, music to technology, artists to activists – our similarities outweigh our differences, but together our differences make us stronger. A badge of pride now displayed prominently on our chests as we take the field,” the Falcons website read.

Falcons team owner Arthur Blank also addressed the fans in a letter to the city.

“As you know, part of our promise as an organization is to listen and respond. It’s at the very core of who we are. Time and again, we’ve heard you ask for new uniforms over the years, and in the spirit of our core values, we’ve listened to you and responded with what I know will be an exciting new era of Falcons football. We’ve stayed true to our roots by keeping our colors and the Falcon bird intact — making it even more prominent than before, but delivering a more modern design that reflects our team, our fans and this great city,” the letter read.

“Black has been a part of our history since 1966 and both our fans and players have asked us to bring it back. The “ATL” moniker is known around the world and we now wear it proudly as our badge of unity, diversity and togetherness. Something our world needs more of, especially in these tough times.”

What do you think of the new Falcons look? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts.

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