This Is How Long It Takes College Grads to Find Jobs in Their Major

The struggle and stress of finding a job after college consumes most college students. From not knowing what you want to do to not even getting an interview for your dream job, there are plenty of things that can go wrong. Fortunately, this isn’t the case for everybody — many college grads do end up finding jobs in their field, moving to their dream city, or having a job before graduation.


Grand Canyon University recently conducted a survey asking college graduates from around the country how long it took them to find a job, what their major was, and more. They found that certain majors have better luck finding a job in their field sooner than others — which makes sense, given that some majors have a wide skillset and others are more specific.


Out of all college graduates (without focusing on specific majors), over half of graduates had a job offer in their field of study before graduating college. After graduation, only 7% of graduates found a job less than a month after graduating. It took over 27% of graduates anywhere from 1 to 6 months to find a job after graduation.


For graduates whose first job was not in their field of study, the results were much more spread out. Less than 10% of graduates had a job lined up before graduation, and about 38% of graduates took a month to a year to find their first job. For 22% of graduates, it took 2 to 3 years before they found their first job — and that first job was not in their field of study.


So, for the graduates who did not find a job in their field after graduating, what field did they end up working in? According to the survey, one in five graduates worked in a business-related field after graduation despite not holding a business degree. After business, Nearly 18% of graduates worked in an engineering or technical related field.


If you’re nearing graduation or are a recent graduate and are struggling to find a job, consider looking for jobs that are not in your field. Based on the results of this survey, business and technology can be great opportunities for graduates looking to build their skill sets. These industries can teach a variety of skills that can be applicable to many other jobs, so it may strengthen your resume to do so.


For those who did find a job after college, which majors are the most successful? The survey found that 88% of graduates who majored in engineering and technology had a job in their field after college. Business majors also had a large amount of success finding a job in their field, as nearly 80% of business graduates also secured a job offer. After business, mathematics, social sciences, medical and life sciences, and law degree graduates had the next highest percentages of graduates who found jobs after college.


Despite the success of others, don’t let these stats get in the way of your own job search. If you stay involved in things, volunteer, keep your resume updated, and prepare yourself for post-grad life, you’ll be fine. Good luck!

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