Texas Teacher Puts Student In Stitches Over Juice Box

Imagine sending your child to school to learn and be educated but instead, you learn that they have been harmed and injured by the person meant to protect them. Such is the case for Kiana Randolph, parent of Kamauri Williamson, a fifth-grader who attends Post Elementary School in Houston, Texas. Randolph received a call saying her son was hurt but was not told the extent of his injury. Only when she got to the school did she find out that her son had a gash a couple of inches long above his right eyebrow. The wound was too problematic for the school so Williamson had to be airlifted to Texas Medical Center to receive stitches.

As if the pain of seeing her child wounded wasn’t enough, Randolph was incensed when she learned what caused her son to be in this unfortunate situation. His teacher, who has been yet to be named, was the person at fault for Kimauri Williamson’s six stitches in his forehead. There are not many details on what spurred the violent altercation between the 11-year-old student and teacher except that it was over a juice box. “They’re supposed to be in a safe place while you’re at work, and to get this type of reaction of a head being busted open, especially over a juice box,” said Randolph, visibly frustrated. “Nobody deserves this, especially my son. I would never had thought that would have happened to my kid.”

Randolph had more thoughts pertaining to the incident after she was granted access to footage showing Kimauri’s teacher draping him up by his hoodie. “You see the teacher grab the hoodie, and you see, at one point my son’s feet lift up off the ground, he’s basically being choked.”

The teacher has not been fired yet for their role in the altercation but has been placed on administrative leave while the incident is being investigated.

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