What is a Seed Bank: Things You Should Know

One of the means of humans to get food is through planting and harvesting. This is why this is a science that is continuously developed. Plants aren’t just real food. These could also be turned into natural medicines and it could also provide us oxygen to breathe. It could also be used in making cloth materials.

Now, it may seem like plants will always be around no matter what, but it’s hard to deny that the Earth is facing many problems that include global warming. This can be the cause of many natural disasters and eventually, this may affect the planting industry. In fact, many farmers nowadays are already struggling with the effects of global warming.

Aside from that, consumption is ever-increasing. As the population grows, more people would just really need products that are made with plants. Farmers are also having a hard time keeping up with the demands but many experts still predict that this is temporary.

Now, to combat the possibility that the Earth will be without plants in the future, seed banks are then established. Seed banks are basically places where seeds are stored and secured to be eventually used in the future. 

Growers already know that seeds only have a specific number of days or months before they can no longer be used, but seed banks are, of course, taking care of this. Seed banks have the technology to help the seeds remain viable decades or even centuries. It really all boils down to how the seeds will be stored.

You may think that seed banks are products of recent technology, but not really. Agriculture is one of the earliest practices and began as early as 8000 BC in Mesopotamia or the now Iraq. As early as then farmers already knew the importance of storing seeds to ensure that they will always have something to harvest.

Seed harvesting was surely an important practice in farming communities during that time. Scientists have even discovered evidence of seed banks in the 6750 BC. Of course, seed banks back then are different. The main objective of these banks was to protect seeds from animals and extreme weather. And again, they only do this to ensure that they will be able to plant as much for the following year.

With today’s technology, things are surely different and we just really have more reasons why we should be storing seeds for future use. 

Crop diversity is also important and a seed bank can play an important role for scientists to do research. Based on studies there are crops before that are no longer planted as much these days and it’s mainly because of lack of supplies. 

This is something that seed banks are trying to change for the future. This can mean that in the future, the crops that are most-used can remain the same. Improvements in seeds can also be explored because of this.

Crop diversity is important and should be preserved because it’s hard to tell what the conditions will be in the future. A certain crop has different varieties, like corn. This has varieties that only thrive in specific conditions and saving these could help a lot. 

Climate change will surely cause extreme weather conditions and bring new pests to different environments. This could cause some species of plants to go extinct. When this happens, seed banks should then be able to release viable seeds that can help combat the extinction of certain plant varieties.

There are also different kinds of seed banks out there. An example is the cannabis seed bank. The cannabis industry is a growing business worldwide and currently, it is already experiencing a shortage of supplies as more people start to learn of its benefits.

Cannabis seed banks don’t just store seeds and keep them for future use. This specific type of a seed bank does store seeds for future use but it also specializes in feminizing seeds and developing other seed varieties like auto-flowering seeds.

Both feminized and auto-flowering seeds can be purchased at i49. This site also discusses which seeds are suitable for growers who are just starting out and are looking for a particular kind of grow. Feminized seeds are mainly for people who are after growing buds that are rich with both THC and CBD. Meanwhile, auto-flowering seeds typically contain more CBD and are easier to maintain and grow.

Overall, the importance of seed banks is well-known in agricultural sectors. It’s definitely great that such businesses exist because the future generation might need its help.

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