Ohio State Football: Amir Riep, Jahsen Wint Charged With Rape, Kidnapping

Ohio State football players Amir Riep and Jahsen Wint are in some serious trouble with the law. On Wednesday, February 12, the two players were taken into custody after being charged with rape by threat of force and kidnapping for the purposes of engaging in sexual activity.

Both charges are first-degree felonies.

Immediately after news surfaced of the charges for Riep and Wint, Ohio State suspended the two defensive players indefinitely.

“We are aware that two of our students have been arrested and criminally charged. They have been suspended from all activities involving the football program. We will share more information when available,” a statement from a university spokesperson said, via Cleveland.com.

An affidavit shared by the Columbus Dispatch details the incident.

A woman was hanging out with Riep at the apartment when they began to engage in consensual sex. The woman stopped, moved away and told Riep she didn’t want to continue. Wint then entered the room and asked if he could join. Wint then allegedly grabbed the woman by the neck and forced her onto her hands and knees and then raped her. Riep then held her in place by the hips and with his body, while Wint forced oral sex. The woman pushed Wint away but he forced her again to have oral sex. After several minutes both parties stopped and Riep told the woman that she needed to say it was consensual on a video recording.

The incident reportedly occurred on February 4.

Riep allegedly then recorded the woman and made her say that the encounter was consensual on video.

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