Florida Teacher Arrested For Trying to Get Meth Delivered While in Classroom

Valerie Lee Prince, a 43-year-old first-grade teacher in Florida, has been arrested after reportedly attempting to have an “eight-ball of meth” delivered to her at school, according to Clay County Sheriff’s Office.

Prince, who taught at Jacksonville Heights Elementary School, told a police informant who she requested the drugs from that they could call her in school while she was in her classroom and that she would step out to collect the drugs.

“You call me, I can just say I have to use the phone real quick — I could step out and come right back in,” she allegedly said.

From the report:

During the operation, Prince tried to purchase the drugs from an undercover officer while she was at work at Jacksonville Heights Elementry School, the release said. She instead met up with the Clay County Sheriff’s Office narcotics detective after school in Clay County where she was detained for further investigation. During the investigation, Prince admitted to using methamphetamine 10 times within the last five to six months, according to the release.

Prince was charged with purchasing and possessing meth after an undercover officer delivered $85 of meth to her after school hours. According to the New York Post, the 43-year-old was still being held in Clay County Jail with her arraignment set for next month.

“The situation is disturbing,” Lt. Domenic Paniccia said. “This is someone that was in charge of kids, first-grade kids, and it’s something that was a priority to us.”

Clay County Sheriff Darryl Daniels added: “I hope that she’s stripped of her credentials and never allowed to be in contact with kids again.”

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