XFL Infographic 2020: Who is Each State Rooting For?

The return of the XFL is just around the corner with the league set to officially relaunch this weekend. Week 1 kicks off on Saturday, February 8 with a doubleheader on ABC and FOX. The first game to take place will go down in Washington, DC as the Seattle Dragons take on the DC Defenders. The nightcap on opening day pits the Los Angeles Galaxy against the Houston Roughnecks.

On Sunday, February 9, the action continues with the Tampa Bay Vipers vs New York Guardians and St. Louis BattleHawks taking on the Dallas Renegades.

The football team at BetOnline.ag compiled mentions from the past month two determine which XFL franchises are most commonly preferred in every state. The data was compiled using trends software with direct access to geotagged Twitter data. The hashtag tracks were team specific such as #OnDuty and #XFLGuardians for the New York Guardians.

When it was all said and done, the St. Louis BattleHawks won the most states with 12.

A full breakdown can be seen below.

  • St. Louis BattleHawks – 12 states
  • Seattle Dragons – 8 states
  • New York Guardians – 8 states
  • Tampa Bay Vipers – 6 states
  • D.C. Defenders – 5 states
  • Los Angeles Wildcats – 4 states
  • Dallas Renegades – 4 states
  • Houston Roughnecks – 3 states

How do the folks in Las Vegas see your favorite team’s chances to take home the league title?

A full look at the 2020 XFL title odds and other odds and ends can be seen below.

XFL Title Odds


XFL Outright Winner 

                                                11/21/19            Current (2/4/20)

Dallas Renegades                     3/1                    7/2

DC Defenders                           8/1                    7/2

Tampa Bay Vipers                     5/1                    7/2

Houston Roughnecks                15/2                  7/1

LA Wildcats                              5/1                    7/1

St. Louis Battle Hawks               10/1                  7/1

New York Guardians                  4/1                    15/2

Seattle Dragons                        10/1                  9/1

XFL Over/Under Win Totals (Alphabetically)

Dallas Renegades                     6

DC Defenders                           5½

Houston Roughnecks                6

LA Wildcats                              4

New York Guardians                  4

Seattle Dragons                        3½

St. Louis Battle Hawks               3½

Tampa Bay Vipers                     7½


XFL Over/Under Win Totals (From Highest to Lowest)

Tampa Bay Vipers                     7½

Dallas Renegades                     6

Houston Roughnecks                6

DC Defenders                           5½

LA Wildcats                              4

New York Guardians                  4

Seattle Dragons                        3½

St. Louis Battle Hawks               3½


First one to play in XFL

Chad Johnson                          5/1

Adam Pacman Jones                7/1

Josh Gordon                             10/1

Johnny Manziel                         12/1

Randy Gregory                          12/1

Vontaze Burfict                         12/1

Colin Kaepernick                       20/1

Terrell Owens                            20/1

Dez Bryant                                33/1

Michael Vick                             50/1

Antonio Brown                           100/1

Greg Hardy                               100/1

Marshawn Lynch                       100/1

Tim Tebow                                100/1

Tom Brady                                500/1

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