Kansas-Kansas State Brawl Suspensions Announced

The Big 12 has announced its punishment for players involved in the ugly brawl between the Kansas Jayhawks and Kansas State Wildcats. Receiving the lengthiest suspension was Kansas star Silvio De Sousa, who will miss 12 games after throwing punches and raising a chair above his head during the chaos.

Other players to be suspended were James Love, Antonio Gordon, and David McCormack.

A full look at the suspensions can be seen below.

  • Silvio De Sousa – 12 games (Kansas)
  • James Love – 8 games (Kansas State)
  • Antonio Gordon – 3 games (Kansas State)
  • David McCormack – 2 games (Kansas)

After the game, Jayhawks head coach Bill Self blasted his players for their actions.

“Obviously, it’s an embarrassment. It’s not something that you’d be proud of. What happened is absolutely zero signs of toughness. It’s a sign of immaturity and selfishness more so than it is toughness. So if I was a fan watching, obviously, depending on what your perspective is, there would be nothing about that that would intrigue me to want to watch more,” Self said when addressing the media.

“At least from what happened tonight, I don’t see anything positive. We’ve seen things like this happen [at] other places, and certainly it gets some attention. And you it’s the exception and not the rule, but still, it’s inexcusable. These things can’t happen. This doesn’t have anything to do with competition. Those were selfish motives on why it took place at the end.

“It happened in handicapped seating. So at least if you’re going to do something, at least take it on the court or whatever. It’s ridiculous that they would go into the stands.

“That was an embarrassment on our part for the role that we played in it, and there will be consequences that I’m sure I’ll announce [Wednesday] for that role as soon as I’m able to study it and come to grips with all of it.”

We will have to wait and see if any further punishment is handed out.

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