Man Catches Wife Cheating on Him in Naked Video Online

Well, this is awkward. It is also a good day not to be Xiao Xia. According to the Daily Mail, the poor guy was browsing the popular Chinese social media site WeChat when he learned that his wife was cheating on him in one of the most brutal ways possible.

Xiao discovered the affair when he came across a naked video of his wife online.

The worst part? The video was shared on the social media site by their mutual friend and colleague. Xiao reportedly responded by immediately contacting the police.

From the report:

Xia, who lives in the city of Hangzhou, found the 15-second clip on the friend’s account. The footage shows his wife, known as Xiao Qin, looking into the camera while showering alone. Xia and Qin are colleagues and the post was uploaded by one of their friends, known as Xiao Li, who are also their co-worker. It was accompanied by a post which read ‘checking water temperatures’.

Upon investigating, officers at the city’s Banshan Police Station discovered that Li had shared the video to seek revenge on Qin. Chen Xinming, a policeman in charge of the case, told Hangzhou TV that Xia, Qin and Li come from the same town and work for the same transport company.

That has to make for an awkward work atmosphere the following day.

The report states that the wife had been dating both men simultaneously until she ultimately married Xia last year. However, she continued to have a sexual relationship with the co-worker and never told him that she had gotten married.

One has to wonder how all three of the people involved work together but Li did not know the couple was married. But alas, here we are, and it is a rough day for Xiao.

You just can’t trust anyone these days.

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