Does Amazon Deliver on Christmas Eve & Christmas?

The holiday season is upon us and we are just days away from Christmas. On this occasion, Christmas decorations are very much important. That means those of us who waited to do some last-minute shopping could be stressing over whether gifts will arrive on our doorstep in time. If you are like most Americans and order through Amazon, you are in luck.

For Amazon users, Christmas Eve is a go.

Amazon guaranteed customers they will get items by December 24 and will deliver on Christmas Eve as long as the orders were placed by Monday, December 23. Amazon Prime users could also take advantage of free delivery if they ordered online more than 48 hours in advance because Amazon offers free one-day delivery as late as the Monday before Christmas.

Unfortunately, there is no mail delivery on Christmas Day.

Since Christmas is considered a federal holiday, meaning the holiday is recognized by the US government, so there is no mail. Every year on a US  federal holiday, non-essential federal government offices are closed and employees are paid for the holiday. So outside of Amazon, you will not receive packages on Christmas Eve.

All federal offices, including post offices, will be closed on Christmas Eve, Tuesday, December 24 and Christmas Day, Wednesday, December 25.

List of Federal Holidays

Happy Holidays, everyone! Be sure to enjoy your family and friends, enjoy a good homecooked meal, and be sure to drink responsibly.


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