Top 5 Best TV Spin-Off Ranked

Sometimes one show is not enough, sometimes we want more from our favorite characters. Maybe more screen time for a fan-favorite character, or a chance to tell another story set in the same universe, or in some cases alternate universe. This is where spin-off comes in, a spin-off is a product marketed by its association with a popular television program, movie, personality. In other words, a spin-off grabs parts of a known TV show, or movie in order to create something new. With the announcement of a new Spongebob spin-off, it is time to take a look at some of the best spin-off TV of all time.

5. The Looney Tunes Show (2011-2014)

Aired: Cartoon Network

The Looney tunes have had a great amount of spin-off from the charming Tiny Toon Adventures to the legendary Duck Dodgers. However, I want to give the spotlight to one of the most brilliant and underrated spin-offs. 2011’s The Looney Tunes Show. Unlike the shows that I mentioned before, The Looney Tunes Show took a more down to earth approach to the characters. Bugs and Daffy are roommates and most of the episodes come from their day to day adventures from opening up a Mexican restaurant with Speedy Gonzales to turning Taz into a pet. The show also did a great job of making even the strangest characters fit into the world, for example, the Goofy Gophers Brothers own a pawn shop.  This underrated gem can be found in the Boomerang App, and I recommend anyone to give the show a go.