UNO Drops Blue & Red Cards For ‘Nonpartisan’ Deck of Cards

Mattel is making an effort to stop politics from coming to your dinner table over the holidays. In a newly released version of the classic card game UNO, red and blue cards have been removed from the deck to stop players from “taking sides.” The new version of the game has been rebranded as “Nonpartisan UNO” to keep the political talk away.

That’s right, we are now altering card games to avoid the divisive political climate we have come to accept.

“Forty percent of people admit that opposite political views and voting patterns are problematic within their families,” the company said in a promotional video. “No red or blue deck means no taking sides.”

The site’s description reads:


Whether you lean a little left or a little right, one thing we can all agree on is how much we love UNO®! Bring your family and friends together with this nonpartisan edition of UNO®. Without Red or Blue cards the focus can stay on the game. And remember to yell “UNO!” before you reach across the aisle and play your last card!

You can purchase the game on the Mattel website.

In the end, the entire thing is a bit counterproductive because as soon as the box is pulled out you will be reminded of politics. But hey, it’s a fun, quirky deck of cards that hopefully everyone can get a laugh out of.

Well, until you get handed a “Draw Four” card. Then it doesn’t matter what party your opponent supports because you’re going to be pissed regardless of their political affiliation.

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