WATCH: Promiscuous Deer Gets Startled After Humping Doe Decoy’s Head Off

One deer in Eldorado, Illinois got a little too promiscuous and ended up startling himself during a backyard session gone wrong. A family captured a hilarious video of a buck in their yard that took a liking to a doe decoy they had set up.

The horny buck mounted the doe decoy and was enjoying his time before he got a little too carried away.

Eventually, the doe decoy’s head fell off and the deer was stunned with what had just taken place. After examining the now headless decoy, the buck slowly walked away wondering exactly what he had just done.

That has to be one heck of a story to tell the boys.

You can check out the video below.

“Illinois Rut is in full swing this video was taken by a close friend of ours pro staffers Rostin Bergans wife Lana Bergan at their house in Bergan Bottoms this morning,” the video description on Facebook read.

“That’s why safe words are so important,” one Facebook commenter joked.

From the New York Post:

Bergan dissolves into a giggle fit as the creature proceeds to hump to his heart’s content. That’s when things go hilariously awry. Turns out Lana and her husband, Rostin Bergan, 40, are avid hunters. “This nice buck was interested in our doe decoy,” Lana tells the ViralHog video agency. “He pursued her until her head popped off.” Meanwhile, the devastated deer is merely left to stare in heartbroken disbelief at the decapitated head of his lover on the lawn.

What a tragic end to their love story.

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