Top 5 Times Developers Lied to Gamers

Developing videogames takes time and skill, and in some cases stretching the truth. It is no secret that game developers lie to the player in order to hype up their own game. There is nothing wrong with it, that is just how advertising works. So long as the lie is harmless, but what happens when the lies get out of hand and the game that was promised is nowhere near what was released. These lies can ruin an otherwise great game. With that said let us take a look at some of these developers whose lies ruin most of their credibility as we list the top 5 times, developers lied to gamers. Now for this list as easy as it would be, I will be excluding Peter Molyneux because despite all his lies when it comes to releasing his games, it has evolved into its own meme status. I will also exclude the Drivergate scandal because the developers didn’t lie, but they did pay reviewers to lie for them when it came to the score of the game. This list is inspired by the #Gamefreaklied scandal that is occurring due to the Pokemon Sword and Shield release, however, I will also be excluding this because of how fresh the scandal, and it will take a while before a real consensus can be made.

5. Who is the Arkham Knight?

Game: Batman Arkham Knight
Developer: Rocksteady

The Arkham Trilogy is the definitive Batman experience, Rocksteady managed to craft three amazing games that escalated the story and gave some the best Batman villains the spotlight. However, for the release of the third game in the series Batman: Arkham Knight, Rocksteady needed to introduce a new villain after killing off the Joker for the finale of Arkham City. The Arkham Knight is an armor-clad villain who runs a massive army of mercenaries for the purpose of taking over Gotham. In order to keep the identity of the Arkham Knight a secret, Rocksteady claimed that the Arkham Knight is an entirely new character created only for the game. However, fans quickly realized that the Arkham Knight was none other than the second Robin, Jason Todd.

The reason why this entry is low on the list is that while Rocksteady did lie about the villain, the lie was harmless and it did not affect the game at all. Also to be honest Rocksteady did not do a good job hiding the Knight’s identity. The pre-order bonus for the game was Redhood side missions, and the opening missions of the game brought up Robin’s death despite not getting a mention before. Even reviewers claimed that by the first hour you know who the Arkham Knight is.