Top 5 Songs About Gambling That Promise To Boost Your Luck & Adrenaline

Few things are more adrenaline-inducing than the very moment before finding out if you lost or won a round at a casino game. Even though some gamblers might find music distracting, it’s been tested that a pleasant gaming environment can only lead to a positive outcome. Everything depends on how used you are to staying focused while listening to your favorite songs. But when you come to consider just how popular casino gambling online has become, it’s safe to say that every gambler should know have their own list of songs that boosts their luck and adrenaline to use when playing online.

Best music tracks about gambling of all times

Casino games sure have their share of fun and adrenaline, so it’s easy to see why there are so many gambling-themed songs out there. Artists all over the world have described the adrenaline rush and all other intense feelings that everyone feels while playing pokies casino games. It isn’t hard to find hits in almost every music genre that were inspired by gambling. And this is precisely why we’ve put together our very top 5 of standout songs that are bound to give you an epic casino experience. Just don’t put it on us if some of the songs we’re about to share will get stuck in your head!

Kenny Rogers – The Gambler


The Gambler has been interpreted by various artists over the years. Bobby Bare and Johnny Cash are the first artists that played it, but it was Kenny Rogers that made it No. 1 on the Billboard country music charts. Last year, The Gambler was selected by the US Library of Congress in the National Recording Registry as a piece that is culturally and historically significant.

Just as the song says, “Son, I’ve made a life out of readin’ people’s faces, and knowin’ what their cards were, by the way they held their eyes”, being good at poker is all about learning how to bluff, how to hide emotions, and how to read people. Offering quite a few wise tips on how to be a good player, the song sure is piece that has left its mark over the years. You don’t even have to love country music to enjoy this track!

Frank Sinatra – Luck, be a lady

Frank Sinatra is by far one of the most popular and appreciated American artists of the 1920s. We’ll have you know that a huge part of his musical career is related to casinos. The song associates luck with a lady’s beauty and loyalty. And just like in classic movie scenes, a beautiful woman blows the dice so that her man will get lucky. The trumpets and jazzy tempo are incredibly catchy and there’s an overall vibe that promises nothing but luck and fun.


Elvis Presley – Viva Las Vegas

Here’s one of the best gambling songs ever! No wonder it is also known as the unofficial anthem of Las Vegas. Elvis Presley’s song covers everything casinos are about, from poker, roulette, blackjack, craps to slot machines and the crazy-fun nightlife surrounding gambling. Listening to it will instantly transport you to the bright casino world, filled with shinning lights, spinning roulette tables and glamorous tables. Released in 1963, the song is an all-time-classic, definitely worth discovering while playing your favorite casino game.

Sting – Shape of My Heart

Not many know that this bittersweet, melancholic hit is actually about gambling! But we’ll have you know that the song tells the story of a poker player who doesn’t really care if we wins or loses. Just as the lyrics go on to say, this player is more interested in the whole philosophy of chance and the laws of probable outcome. Shape of My Heart is all about unraveling the very mysteries of luck and destiny, so it’s the perfect background for any casino game you decide to play!

Katy Perry – Waking up in Vegas

The catchy phrase “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is exactly what Katy Perry’s song is all about. “Waking up in Vegas” reached top 10 in 9 countries and it was Katy’s one of the most popular tracks in all her career. It might seem that the song is not at all about any casino advice, given that it tells the story of an underage couple that ends up gambling and getting married in Vegas. But it’s got a happy, adrenaline-inducing vibe and a sound that promises to get stuck in your head. We recommend trying a free version of a fruit slot with this song on the background. You won’t lose anything, on the contrary, maybe only get your fair share of free fun and relaxation!

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