Top 7 Best Video Game DLC of All Time Ranked

DLC has been the biggest cog on the machinery known as the video game industry after a game is finished there really isn’t a reason to go back and replay it. That is were DLC comes in, extra content that brings new elements to a game such as new story bit, more weapons, or even armor for your horse. True some DLC feel like add on to an incomplete game, but when done correctly DLC can become some of the best gaming experiences you’ll ever have playing an already excellent game. So from taking you to another land, to completely turning the game into D&D here are 7 of the best DLC of all time. For this list, I am only using DLC that brings something new to the game, without coming off as an excuse to add something to an incomplete game, in other words, no Taken King.

7. Fable II: See The Future DLC

Developer: Lionhead Studio

Fable 2 is my favorite game of all time, the dry wit along with the funny story that you can truly play multiple times and get something new out of it. With that said, during its life Fable 2 has had two mayor DLC, Knothole Island a story about the player going to an island to solve their climate problems. While the DLC was entertaining and allowed you to get your dog back depending on the decisions you made during the main campaign. It is the second DLC See the Future DLC that takes the spot on this list. The DLC starts with the return of Murgo the Merchant, as the character that sells you the magic box that started the entire game, now he is offering a chance to get an item that can let you see the future.

The DLC is full of nice callbacks to the main game, and an ending that doesn’t just answer some of the questions that you had by the end of the game, but also a hint at what ultimately became part of the plot of Fable 3. The only reason why this is low on the list is that as the case with most DLCs the story cuts corners by having you simply fight reskin enemies. However, if you are a fan of Fable than you should play this amazing DLC.