Tyler, the Creator Addresses Camp Flog Gnaw-Drake Incident

Tyler, the Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival came to an awkward end on Sunday, November 10 after a surprise headliner. Drake was the big-name performer tabbed as the headliner for the event, but fans in attendance were not pleased because they had been hoping to see Frank Ocean.

That led to Drake being booed off of the stage after a few songs.

Once Drake was booed, there was still hope from fans that Frank Ocean would grace the stage as the final performer of the weekend, but that moment never came and the festival ended with plenty of people having a sour taste in their mouths.

Well, now Tyler, the Creator is responding.

Tyler took to social media to sound off on the fans’ reaction while praising and thanking Drake for taking the time to come out and perform.

“I thought bringing one of the biggest artist on the f*cking planet to a music festival was fire,” Tyler tweeted. “But flipside, a lil tone deaf knowing the specific crowd it drew. Some created a narrative in their head and acted out like assholes when it didn’t come true and I don’t f*ck with that.”

You can read his full Twitter rant below.

This n***a did Feel No Ways! Song is beautiful. Also, mostly everyone was having a great time, those sh*ts in the front area were the ones being made rude, which, I can see why, but, nah, f*ck that, yall represented me and Flog to my guest and made us look sooo entitled and trash. That sh*t was like mob mentality and cancel culture in real life and I think that sh*t is f*cking trash. N***a did Feel No Ways! That song is beautiful! Most guys dont do album cuts! Thank you Aubrey! Like, I love that song and thought that would never happen… He really did that for me and I appreciate it because he did not have to come at all, see our worlds come together was so great in theory. But hey man sh*t happens, all jokes aside sh*t lowkey funny hahaha, aside from that, hope everyone had a good time. Again, no arrest no bullsh*t man a lot of people enjoyed it, thanks again! Year 8! Love! Again, thank you Drake! (Im f*cking pissed Hotline Bling was next thats my f*cking sh*t Im gonna play that in the shower right now). OK last tweet, I was in the front, and I hear “Tylllerrrr!” And I look to my left, and this girl, red face, puffy, waterfall of tears looked into my soul and said, trembling with anger, “…WHAT ..THE ..F*CK!………IS THIS SH*T!” N***a I turned away so quick she was pissed bro. … That sh*t was not cool dawg. I hope yall got to check out Solange, sh*t was amazing.

Tyler, the Creator also changed his Twitter bio to “embarrassed by fans right now” which leaves no doubt regarding how he feels about their reaction to Drake.

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