Every Nintendo Handheld Rank From Worst to Best

The Nintendo Switch is the most successful Nintendo console ever launched, a huge part of its success is because of how it is able to bring two different types of players together under the same umbrella. The Switch is the ultimate combination of Nintendo’s design philosophy when it comes to both its family of console. With such an accomplishment it makes sense that Nintendo decided to stop supporting the 3Ds. In honor of Nintendo’s final portable only handheld let us take a look at Nintendo’s handheld timeline, from the Game Boy to The New 3Ds XL and rank all the Nintendo handhelds from worst to best. Now for this list, because of the way Nintendo redesigns their handhelds, I will only count them as separate consoles if they feel different from their original, and not only if the new version has a tack on gimmick. Also honorable mention Pokemon Mini, which came out only to play pokemon games. Also, The Game and Watch portable handheld which is recognized as Nintendo’s first Handheld.

Game Boy Micro

Release Date: September 2005


The Game Boy Micro came out in 2005, it was a complete redesign of the Game Boy handheld, smaller in design which made it more portable (a design that was already fixed with the Game Boy Advance SP). The Game Boy Micro also came with the ability to switch faceplates, as a way to make it more customizable. These features were meant to gain the interest of casual fans who don’t usually play games. The reason why I considered this the worst handheld is that the Game Boy Micro does not support Game Boy and Game Boy Colors tittle, nor does it support most Game Boy Advance accessories. The Game Boy Micro was released, not out necessity, but out of a need to follow the trend of the time, which was smaller equals popular. The strangest part about this handheld’s release was that the Nintendo DS was already out at the time.