UC Santa Cruz, Theta Chi Sued By Parents of Student Who Died During Hazing

Alex Beletsis died in June 2018 after a hazing incident with the Theta Chi fraternity. The University of California, Santa Cruz dismissed the fraternity following Beletsis’ death, but the fraternity still has to deal with the aftermath, according to KSBW8.

A lawsuit from Beletsis’ parents, Daphne and Yvonne, has been filed against Theta Chi national fraternity, the UC Santa Cruz Chapter, chapter members, and the housing corporation.

“Alex was visibly incoherent, and mentally and physically unstable. Fraternity members directed him to a second-floor bathroom to settle down his erratic behavior. Alone and behind the closed door of the bathroom, Alex fell from the window – shattering his skull and sustaining severe brain and spinal cord injuries from landing on concrete below,” a statement from the parents’ attorney said.

“Alex’s skull was shattered, and he sustained severe brain and spinal cord injuries from the fall and remained in the hospital for 18 days before medical personnel advised the family that he would not recover. Alex’s family removed life support and permitted him to pass.”

Beletsis’ parents are suing the defendants for dangerous misconduct.

Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of Alex as they continue to deal with his tragic death.

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