Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Reportedly Returning in November

The beloved Popeyes chicken sandwich could soon be making its return. With the month wrapping up, it is being reported by multiple outlets that the viral sensation could be back on the menu in November.

Because of the sandwich’s popularity, the company will be adding hundreds of new employees.

“Our franchisees have worked to increase staffing,” Restaurant Brands said in a statement, via Bloomberg. “We have been working diligently to bring the sandwich back to our restaurants soon, as we know our guests are anxiously anticipating its return.”

From the report:

Sun Holdings Inc., which operates about 150 Popeyes locations, will offer the item beginning in early November, according to Chief Executive Officer Guillermo Perales. To prepare, the restaurants are hiring additional 400 employees and may dedicate up to two people per store to make the sandwich, he said.

It took just two weeks for Popeyes to run out of what was supposed to be a seven-week inventory. Popeyes did, however, say that they were working to bring the beloved chicken sandwiches back as soon as possible… and for good.

“We didn’t expect to break the internet, and as a result we had the entire nation really excited about the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich,” CEO of Restaurant Brands International José Cil said. “As a result, we ran out much sooner than anticipated.”

This is more evidence than ever that when the people speak, the companies listen.

In the meantime, it looks like we will all just have to be teased by the restaurant until they return to the menu. And if the price point stays at $3.99, Popeyes better be more than prepared for another major rush of people to get their hands and mouths on the Louisiana Fast viral prize.

Who is ready for the sandwich to be back? And how long will the waits be?

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