LaVar Ball Thinks People Are Tearing Him & Lonzo Apart

Ever since Lonzo Ball sued Big Baller Brand co-founder Alan Foster for allegedly stealing millions from his personal finances, there have been talks that Lonzo’s relationship with his father could be fracturing.

Well, now Big Baller Brand patriarch LaVar Ball is speaking out on the matter and says that he believes the public is attempting to tear the two apart.

The comments came during an appearance on SportsNet’s “Tim and Sid.”

“The only person that can tear down Big Baller Brand is me. If I stop doing Big Baller Brand, then it’s over, but people on the outside can’t be like ‘Big Baller’s over.’ I can sell it on the street corner where I grew up and they’ll still buy it. I’m always going, the Big Baller Brand is always going to grow. Lonzo understands that, my family understands that — it’s just people in his ear,” LaVar said. “Because he’s a youngster so they’re going to try and split us up. That comes with business, and that’s okay.”

LaVar has recently been accused of embezzling money from the brand.

Foster’s suit claims: “In early 2016, in furtherance of LaVar’s intense desire to share in, or rise above, the glory and spotlight of his sons, LaVar approached Alan and asked for his business guidance on how to monopolize and gain fortune and fame from the names and likenesses of his three sons. In response, Alan suggested that the two men brand the ‘Ball’ family name in order to create basketball and entertainment-related businesses. LaVar loved Alan’s idea and wanted to make sure that he was the biggest star in the family, notwithstanding the fact that he was broke, had no savings, poor credit and zero business acumen.”

As for Lonzo and the Pelicans, they kicked off their 2019-20 campaign with an overtime loss to the Toronto Raptors. They return to action on Friday, with a home matchup against the Dallas Mavericks.

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