Which NFL Teams Could Trade For Cam Newton

When Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was ruled out for several weeks after the team’s 0-2 start, many fans began to give up on the season. But undrafted second year quarterback Kyle Allen has filled in admirably, going 4-0 and leading many to believe he might even be a better fit than Newton. Reports are now saying the Panthers could consider trading Newton thanks to Allen’s play, so here are some teams who could potentially try to trade for the former MVP.

Cincinatti Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals


Longtime Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton is once again struggling, and the team may finally look to move on from the former second round pick. While the Bengals are in the midst of a rebuild and lack talent across the offensive line and defense, Newton could potentially jumpstart a roster with multiple talented skill position players. First year head coach Zac Taylor could push the team to make a move for Newton if he feels he could be the quarterback they need.

Chicago Bears


The Bears could be hesitant to give up on 2017 second overall pick Mitchell Trubisky after just 2+ years in the NFL, but he has yet to develop as they would’ve liked. With the offense sputtering and potentially wasting an elite defense, the Bears could try to make a splash and add Newton, who could jumpstart their offense.

Pittsburgh Steelers

pittsburgh steelers logo


With quarterback Ben Roethlisberger on the decline and ruled out for the season, the Steelers are desperate for a quarterback. Newton would not only be by far the best replacement out there, he would also represent the future at the position for the Steelers.

Tennessee Titans

NFL Football Tennessee Titans


The Titans are another team that could look to move on from a former number 2 overall pick. The Titans have decided to bench quarterback Marcus Mariota after 4+ years with the team and start Ryan Tannehill as the offense has failed to put up points. With a great defense and good running game, Newton might be able to fix the Titans problem and get them back to the playoffs.

Denver Broncos


John Elway has struggled to find a quarterback for the Broncos since Peyton Manning’s retirement, and it seems Joe Flacco is not the answer he has been looking for. Newton would be the most talented quarterback in Denver since Manning stepped away, but finding a suitable trade would be tough. The Broncos would need to unload Flacco’s contract to be able to afford Newton, but it’s unlikely Carolina would want to take on that much money.

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