Best Pokemon Games: Ranking All The Main Pokemon Games

Pokemon is the highest-grossing media franchise of all time amounting to an incredible $90 billion over its lifetime. This incredible feat is not accomplished by accident, the Pokemon franchise has under its belt a successful TV show, a popular merchandise line, and a great card game. However, what most fans think about when it comes to Pokemon are the games. Pokemon has seven generations of games, and two new games coming out in the winter of 2019. Unfortunately, not all games hit the mark so let’s take a look as we rank all the Pokemon games from worst to best. For this list I will rank each game, however, I will bundle together the games and their re-releases only if they feel like they didn’t add enough to truly stand out (and to stop this list from being too long). The Pokemon formula is very tricky to rank, but I have tried my best to see which games do enough to truly stand alone from the others of the same generation.

12. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Sun and Moon

Release: November 18, 2016, November 17, 2017
Console: Nintendo 3DS

The lastest Pokemon games of the franchise, unfortunately, gets the honor of being the worst game of the franchise. Sun and Moon are the fastest-selling games in the franchise, but that is mostly because of the success of Pokemon Go bringing in new players willing to try out the games. Sun and Moon take place in the Alola Region, a Hawaii inspired tropical region that is secluded from the rest of the world. As a game both Sun and Moon were very experimental, due to the seclusion of the region the games do not have Gym Leaders, nor a Pokemon League. Instead, we have the trails which are serious of mini-games resulting in a boss battle with a Totem Pokemon. This was also the smallest pool of Pokemon ever introduced, and a majority of them were alternate versions of existing Pokemon. The best part of the game is the story which is about wormholes opening up around the islands releasing Ultra Beast Pokemon. However, the story suffers from bad pacing issues. Ultra Sun and Moon did not do much to stick out from the original games, except by fixing most of the pacing issues in the story. So if you want to experience the lastest games I recommend playing Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.