Here is What We Know About the PlayStation 5 Which Releases in 2020

We now know when the PlayStation 5 will be releasing. While an exact date was not announced, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan told that the PlayStation 5 will be available during the 2020 holiday season.

Details remain slim at this time, but we do know there could be some changes made to the controller.

“The controller (which history suggests will one day be called the DualShock 5, though Cerny just says ‘it doesn’t have a name yet’) does have some features Cerny’s more interested in acknowledging,” the report read. “One is ‘adaptive triggers’ that can offer varying levels of resistance to make shooting a bow and arrow feel like the real thing—the tension increasing as you pull the arrow back—or make a machine gun feel far different from a shotgun.”

Now that the name is official, we just have to wait to get a look of the PlayStation 5 and hopefully some gameplay footage soon after Sony skipped out on some major conferences throughout the year.

Additional information on the PlayStation 5 can be seen below.

PlayStation 5 Release Date & Price

Release Date: Holidays 2020
Price: TBD

PlayStation 5 Specs

This quote is going to sound like a bunch of technical mumbo-gumbo (because it is); however, it will help in the understanding of what will be inside the ‘PS5’. Inside the ‘PS5’, confirmed so far, will be “a bespoke 8-core AMD chipset based on third-generation Ryzen architecture, with a GPU taking the best bits of the Radeon Navi GPU family; a built-for-purpose SSD storage system; 3D audio; backward compatibility with PS4 games and PSVR hardware; 8K TV support”, thank you

What the 8-core AMD chipset allows is improved visuals in gaming. Specifically, this targets the consoles ability to improve the “lighting” of games, creating greater immersion for the player. 8K TV support improves gaming textures. This includes smaller/detail textures, as well as the broader textures (such as a game over-world/hub-world). This is a vast improvement since the best consoles, ‘PS4Pro’ and ‘Xbox One X’, can only run in 4K, at peak performance. The 8K support needs the bigger SSD drive because for the games to run more complex graphics/visuals, the game has to be able to load at a faster rate. With the new SSD, games are estimated to load 19 times faster than the current console generation.

The audio is also a big target for Sony. The 3D audio, that is included within the console, is meant to target the player’s immersion with the game; this audio experience can be improved if the player is wearing headphones. With a vast improvement to audio in the new Sony console, this can create greater cutscene dialogue, in-game battle sound effects, music soundtracks, even the sound of the background will be improved.

Sony has also expressed the importance of improving its own game streaming service, ‘PlayStation Now’. This service allows gamers to stream games from the ‘PS4, PS3, and PS2’ directly to their ‘PS4’. With a better SSD, this will allow games to stream at a faster rate, as well as higher graphical rate. This will make the ‘PSNow’ experience, certainly, better for consumers.

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