Lil Peep’s Mother to Sue First Access Entertainment Over Rapper’s Death

The mother of late-rapper Lil Peep, Liz Womack, is reportedly set to sue First Access Entertainment. Womack alleges that drug use was normalized and even encouraged by management during Peep’s final tour which ultimately led to his death.

According to TMZ, “Womack says during a stop in London, her son was gifted a bottle of pills by one of his managers during a group dinner. The docs claim the rampant drug use continued later in 2017 — during Peep’s final Come Over When You’re Sober tour. Womack says Peep was regularly supplied with Xanax, Ketamine and other drugs while on the road.”

The lawsuit also highlights a moment where Peep was “barely able to communicate, let alone perform, due to his use of drugs” during a tour stop in Los Angeles. However, despite being in a “comatose-like state”, his managers allowed him to continue with the show.

Peep had also told his managers that he wanted to quit the tour because he was physically and emotionally drained, however, they allegedly forced him to continue the tour and continued supplying him with drugs.

Some of these moments from Peep’s final tour will be highlighted in the upcoming documentary Everybody’s Everything.

The documentary will take a look back at Peep’s short life and the impact he made with his genre-bending hits. The film has been previewed at festivals throughout the year and has received high praise, and now the entire world will have the opportunity to watch Peep’s story when the documentary drops on November 12.

While waiting for the official release of the Everybody’s Everything documentary — which the official trailer shows will be a must-see for all music fans and more — you can keep up with the latest updates on the official Instagram account.

Lil Peep’s star burned out before it really got started. The 21-year-old rapper passed away while on tour for his debut album Come Over When You’re Sober. On the night of Wednesday, November 16, 2017, Peep was found unresponsive in his tour bus and later died as a result of a suspected Xanax overdose. He was a very popular rapper, especially on the internet, where he amassed more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram and 328k followers on Soundcloud.

He rose from a middle-class background on Long Island, using the internet to launch himself as an ultra-popular hip-hop star. Lil Peep first gained famed by releasing his mixtapes and tracks to YouTube and Spotify.┬áThree of his songs have already reached a combined 4 million viewers on YouTube (“White Wine”, “Benz Truck”, and “The Way I See Things”).

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