Ohio University Suspends All Fraternities After Latest Hazing Claims

Ohio University is suspending all fraternities on campus. The university announced the indefinite suspension after allegations of widespread hazing came to light. A total of 15 fraternities will be impacted by the indefinite suspension which suspends all chapter events, meetings, and activities until further notice.

Ohio University Vice President for Student Affairs Jason Pina and Dean of Students Jenny Hall-Jones announced the decision in a statement to students.

“This decision, enacted because of a growing concern elevated by allegations of hazing against seven IFC chapters, immediately suspends these organizations from engaging in all chapter events, meetings, and activities until further notice,” the university announced.

“The swift action being taken in light of the allegations that have surfaced affirms Ohio University’s commitment to the health and safety of our students. We urge anyone who has been subjected to or witnessed hazing, to report it by using this link. And, the University, guided by the leadership of the Division of Student Affairs, will continue its work to partner with students and other campus stakeholders to develop proactive measures to build a healthy culture and environment for our students.”


Hall-Jones added: “These troubling allegations, which will be thoroughly investigated, indicate a potentially escalating systemic culture within fraternity organizations. Ohio University will not put at risk the health and safety of our students.”

In May of this year, the Sigma Pi fraternity was expelled from the university following the death of 18-year-old Collin Wiant, who died of asphyxiation after he was given whippets from his fraternity brothers.

The closure of Sigma Pi Epsilon at Ohio University was the latest major Greek life suspension, expulsion, or overhaul in the last year, as schools such as Indiana University, the University of Michigan, Ohio State University, Texas State, Florida State, Ball State, Louisiana State, and Penn State have all suspended fraternities for various reasons.

Fraternities have been suspended or expelled across the nation as Greek life organizations and universities attempt to grapple with the pitfalls of hazing, alcohol and drug abuse, and sexual assault.

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