Top 5 Best Joker Performance Of All Time – Ranked

4. Michael Emerson/ The Dark Knight Returns (2012)

The Dark Knight Returns is one of the most comic book accurate Batman film. The idea that Batman has long since retired and as a result, the world starts changing as anarchy starts to overshadow the city. The movie is split into two parts. The first has Batman return from retirement and sends shock waves into the world. He builts his own army ready to take the fight to the mutants. The second part shows the aftermath of Batman’s return. Joker, who has been in unresponsive for years suddenly starts to talk again. Michael Emerson brings a new voice to the Joker, An older man with an almost Hanibal Lecture delivery. Emerson Joker laugh is also intense, and the character actor definitely brings one of the best-animated Jokers. His final lines after killing himself will always bring a shiver down my spine.