Woman Claims to Have ‘Wi-Fi Allergy’ & Spends Most of Her Day Under $500 Blanket

Rosi Gladwell, a 70-year-old woman living in the United Kingdom, claims to have an interesting diagnosis. According to the woman, she has a “Wi-Fi allergy” that has led to her asking her hometown to shut down its internet activity.

Gladwell is self-diagnosed with electromagnetic field (EMF )sensitivity.

“I’m actually quite frightened about the future,” said Gladwell, according to The Sun. “At the moment, I’ve managed to make myself safe by being fortunate enough to live in a house in the countryside where there are no measured electromagnetic frequencies.

“But if they introduce 5G then I don’t know what the future will bring. It’s a really scary issue.”

Gladwell is so convinced about her self-diagnosis and what could happen with 5G coming to town, so she spends a majority of her days tucked in under a special copper and silver sleeping bag. The bag costs a whopping $500.

Because of her “EMF sensitivity”, Gladwell believes that she deals with increased exhaustion and stress along with extreme migraines and breathing problems.

“Scientists say 4 percent of people worldwide are suffering from EMF sensitivity and that’s probably an underestimation,” said Gladwell. “A lot of people now aren’t feeling very well, everyone feels exhausted and stressed out, and some of it is, in my view, down to the extent of radiation.”

Gladwell has taken her campaign to stop 5G coming to her hometown by leading the 12-person Electromagnetic Field Awareness Totnes group and also meeting with the mayor.

EMF is generally not recognized in the medical community, and it is certainly not a good way to make friends with your neighbor. In a time where people want to be as connected as ever, Wi-Fi is a necessity and a self-diagnosed illness with the backing of a 12-person group will likely do nothing to help slow it down.

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