Russian Woman Allegedly Stabs Model Sister 189 Times, Gouges Out Eyes & Cut Off Her Ears

Elizaveta Dubrovina, a 22-year-old woman from Russia, is accused of murdering her 17-year-old sister Stefania in a brutal crime. According to a report from The Sun, Elizaveta stabbed her sister 189 times, gouged out her eyes, and sliced off her ears.

The incident reportedly happened in 2016.

Her sister was reportedly “almost ruined by cutting performed by the girl’s elder sister.”

According to the report:

She “scoffed at her sister” and “caused her to endure excruciating pain” because of her “dislike” for her sibling, court documents state. The papers also allege Dubrovina stabbed her sister in the head, neck, torso, arms and legs, “sliced off her ears” and ” gouged out her eyes”. She will now face trial for the 2016 murder.

While Elizaveta was considered the murderer and arrested for the crime, it is believed that she will be claiming that her sister’s lover Alexey Fateev was the one who killed her. Prosecutors, however, do not consider him to be under suspicion.

The sisters’ mother Oksana Dubrovina told the paper that Elizaveta has recovered her memory of events and that her daughter claimed that Fateev acted like a “demon.” The mom alleged that Stefania and Fateev were lovers and that he was jealous over the nude images.

Shortly before her murder, Stefania reportedly posed for nude pictures which may have led to some of the jealousy. Others have denied any of the rumors that she may have appeared in porn movies in the past. There were also some reports that Stefania had worked as an escort, though those were also denied.

“Stefania was never involved in it. She was not filmed in porn film either. She simply tried to boost her career in modeling,” said Stas Baretsky. “I had known Stefania for about two years,” he added. “She was a modest and attractive girl, she took part in my shows.”

Our deepest condolences go out to Stefania’s family and friends during this incredibly difficult time.

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