Taika Waititi Net Worth 2023: How Much is Taika Worth Now?

Taika Waititi is about debut his next film JoJo Rabbit a charming coming of age story about a young boy in Hitler’s youth army on October 18, 2019. After his success in Thor: Ragnarok and his return to the newly announced Thor Love and Thunder has made him easily one of the best and busiest directors in Hollywood today.

Taika Waititi Net worth as of 2019: $3 million

His body of work has easily earned him a Net Worth of 3 million.

Early Career


Taika Waititi is a director, actor, and comedian the New Zealand native receive awards for his comedic talent as one half of the comedian duo The Humourbeast alongside Jemaine Clement, which he received New Zealand’s highest comedy accolade, the Billy T Award in 1999. Alongside his comedic talent, Waititi also acted in small roles in movies such as Scarfies (1999), Snakeskin (2001), and the tv series The Strip (2002-03). However, the role that placed in a larger spotlight was his role of Thomas Kalmaku in the 2011 superhero film Green Lantern.

Waititi quickly gained praise for his short film Two Cars, One Night (2004), earning him an Academy Award Nomination. His second feature film, Boy, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2010 and was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize. Despite his strong catalog, Waititi would not become a household name until he was given the helms for Disney’s divisive franchise.

Disney, Thor Ragnarock


Before working on Thor: Ragnarock, Waititi wrote the initial screenplay for Moana (2016), with a larger focus on gender and family. While these elements were skipped over for the final product, Waititi was already chosen to direct the third Thor film. In 2016 Waititi directed two shorts for Marvel called “Team Thor,” which dealt with Thor living in Australia with his roommate, Darryl Jacobson. These short films gave the audience a taste of the changes that Thor would undertake under Waititi, with a stronger emphasis in character comedy, giving Thor a ‘too cool for school,’ type of personality.

In 2017, Thor: Ragnarok was released making $46.8 million on its opening day. With an Overall box office of $854 million, the movie was praised by both fans and critics for bringing back to life the Thor franchise and given the character strong momentum for the upcoming Infinity War.

Future Projects


With the runaway success of Thor: Ragnarock, Waititi was announced to direct the sequel Thor Love and Thunder. He was announced for a role in James Gunn’s Suicided Squad Film. He is also one of the directors for Disney+ upcoming series Mandalorian, which tells the story of a lone Mandalorian gunfighter in the period between the events of Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. His latest film Jojo Rabit is set to release October 18, 2019.

Taika Waititi has become a household with his take on Thor reviving the character. With his name tied to multiple projects, Taika Waititi star is definitely on the rise and easy one of the best directors today.

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