Top 5 Highest Grossing Horror Franchises Of All Time

IT Chapter 2 has become second the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time, only to be bested by the first IT. With both movies making it to the top spot the IT franchise has cemented itself as one of the most successful horror movie franchise of all time. For this list, I will look at the best of the best, horror franchise that through the span of multiple movies has dominated the box-office. So here is a list of the top 5 most successful horror franchises. Now for this list, I will only be looking at domestic revenue only, Also despite what I said It and It Chapter 2 are not in this list because despite their success the longevity of these movies demonstrates that they still a long way to go. Let get started.

5. Paranormal Activities – $401.36 million

When the first Paranormal Activities movie came out it took the world by storm, the found-footage style while not new was still fresh enough that nothing felt too cheesy, the franchised earned $401.36 million, or $452.71 million when adjusted for inflation. I still remember going home, turning on MTV and watching Snooki, and Vinny commercial where they reacted to the movie, and that was the brilliance of this franchise. Word of mouth and a strong advertising campaign made each of the 6 films feel like must-watch events. However, despite the success, the films themselves were just okay. The films dragged on and for a majority of the time, nothing really happens outside of something moving. This changed as the movies got more paranormal, but they also got much more convoluted with the introduction of an evil demon, and the cult that worship it. As high as the franchise was, the fall was just as hard.