Oklahoma Teen Arrested for Threatening to Shoot ‘400 People’ & More at Old School

Alexis Wilson, an 18-year-old from Oklahoma, was arrested after allegedly threatening a massacre where she would shoot “400 people” while also mentioning shooting people at her former school, McAlester High School.

According to KTUL, after she was arrested authorities seized an AK-47 assault rifle and a 12-gauge shotgun.

The sheriff’s report mentioned authorities “seized a black AK-47 with six magazines and a black 12-gauge shotgun with stock sleeve for extra shells” which has a 30-round standard magazine with “a cyclic rate of fire of about 600 rounds per minute and a semi-automatic rate of 40 rounds per minute.”

Wilson was turned in after co-workers informed police of her threats.

“In today’s times, you can’t say stuff like that,” Pittsburg County Sheriff Chris Morris said, according to CBS 17. “Anytime something is said we are going to take it serious, and we are going to investigate it to the full extent and make an arrest, if possible, because we do not want any of our schools getting shot up. Nobody does.”

Wilson reportedly dropped out of McAlester High school in ninth grade and she had attempted to re-enroll. However, she claims that she was not allowed to re-enroll at the school because they did not offer night courses that would have allowed her to work during the day and take courses towards her GED at night.

Police believe that may have been led to her frustration and threats saying Wilson “seemed to be upset about not being able to enroll back into McAlester High School but when asked if she was upset about the situation she stated that she wanted to complete her school however it didn’t upset her enough to do anything to the school. Alexis did state that in her past at school that she had some issues with being bullied in school however she stated that she was always good about just ignoring it and going on about her day.”

Wilson was taken into custody at Pittsburg County Jail on a making terroristic threats complaint.

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