Top 5 Great Shows That Were Save by Streaming

There is no greater feeling than watching an entire show from beginning to end and have a finale so definitive that you know for a fact that the show wrapped up leaving you completely fulfill. Not all shows are given such pleasure, however. Some shows just end up getting canceled, whether it’s because of bad viewership, or bad reception a network can choose not to renew a show leaving fans questioning what would’ve happened next. With the television on its dying leg, and streaming taking over the entertainment landscape a lot of these forgotten TV shows are given a new lease on life. Another chance to warp up the story, or in one case become one of the biggest shows in modern history. With that said, here are the five TV shows brought back by streaming.

5. Star Wars Clone Wars

Star Wars Clones Wars is a CGI cartoon that was meant to fill in the gap between Star Wars Episode II Clones Wars and Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith. Starting as a movie with below-average reviews the show still managed to find greater success when it aired on Cartoon Network in 2009. The show succeeded in making Anikin Skywalker well, a real person. You witness his descent into the dark side, with his brutality in the battlefield, and his strong trust of Papaltin who was given a brighter spotlight to show off the slow execution of his plan to take over the senate. The show felt natural in its execution that by the time episode III starts you understand why all these characters are the way they are. Ironically some of the best episodes were about the politic.

Sadly during the time of airing, Disney would purchase Lucasfilm canceling the show. However, Star Wars was allowed to air its final season on Netflix, and that is where the show stayed until its second revival via the Disney+ streaming service.