FBI Will Reportedly Examine Cameras Outside Jeffrey Epstein’s Cell

Investigations into the death of Jeffrey Epstein are ongoing. Cameras outside of the disgraced financier and convicted pedophile’s jail cell malfunctioned in the time surrounding Epstein’s death and the footage was deemed “unusable.” The two cameras that malfunctioned were within view of Epstein’s jail cell.

Epstein’s death was ultimately determined to be a suicide, according to the medical examiners.

Those cameras are now being examined by the FBI, according to Reuters.

The report states “the cameras were sent to Quantico, Virginia, site of a major FBI crime lab where agents and forensic scientists analyze evidence.”

Epstein’s lawyers Reid Weingarten and Martin Weinberg are still doubtful that Epstein committed suicide and they informed U.S. District Judge Richard Berman about their doubts surrounding the medical examinator’s conclusion.


The death of Epstein has also led to the resurfacing of the longtime “Clinton Body Count” conspiracy theory that circulates on far-right websites and message boards. Investigations into his death have since been opened by the Department of Justice, according to Attorney General William Barr.

Jeffrey Epstein had been behind bars since his arrest on July 6. Authorities were waiting for Epstein to return to New Jersey from Paris and arrested him upon his arrival. The charges against Epstein claim that “dozens” of victims between 2002 to 2005 were are involved in the case which included Epstein allegedly paying minors for sex acts after grooming them. Some of the victims were as young as 14 years old.

Epstein was charged with one count of sex trafficking of minors and one count of conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking of minors. If he would have been convicted of the charges, Epstein would have faced up to 45 years in prison.

The 66-year-old financier was a registered sex offender in Florida.

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