Hitting Reset In The NBA: A Sneak Peek Into The 2019-2020 Season

The NBA offseason was one to remember a bunch of players is seeing new uniforms for the upcoming season. With the NBA season starting on October 4th for preseason and the 22nd for the regular season. There have been many storylines these season from who will be the best team in  Los Angeles to how will the Warriors do without Klay Thompson. The NBA offseason has brought balance back to the NBA now it seems everyone has a chance to win a title. In the end, the western conference will be tough having the 4th seed in the western conference can be the 1st seed in the eastern conference.

Standings Predictions

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Western Conference

1 – Denver Nuggets
2 – Los Angeles Clippers
3 – Portland Trailblazers
4 – Los Angeles Lakers
5 – Utah Jazz
6 – Houston Rockets
7 – Golden State Warriors
8 – San Antonio Spurs
9 – New Orleans Pelicans
10 – Dallas Mavericks
11 – Sacramento Kings
12 – Minnesota Timberwolves
13 – Oklahoma City Thunder
14 – Memphis Grizzlies
15 – Phoneix Suns

Eastern Conference

1 – Milwaukee Bucks
2 – Philidelphia 76ers
3 – Boston Celtics
4 – Brooklyn Nets
5 – Indiana Pacers
6 – Miami Heat
7 – Toronto Raptors
8 – Orlando Magic
9 – Detroit Pistons
10 – Atlanta Hawks
11 – Washington Wizards
12 – Chicago Bulls
13 – New York Knicks
14 – Cleveland  Cavaliers
15 – Charlotte Hornets

In the western conference, it will be a fierce power struggle and yes the Clippers have Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, but they will need time to find that chemistry. The Nuggets did not really make any significant changes they drafted Bol Bol who can help the team. The Nuggets were 2nd in the conference and were only three games behind the Warriors. If Micheal Porter Jr can come back this season and make an impact that only helps the Denver Nuggets. The Trailblazers 3rd over the Lakers, Damian Lillard has always had something to prove to critics and his performance against the Thunder last year cemented him as a top three-point guard in the league. The Lakers took a big hit losing Cousins, and you have to take into account that Lebron and Davis will miss some games due to rest. The 5th through 8th seed is up for grabs but ultimately due to their rosters and offseason moves the last four teams will be Jazz, Rockets, Warriors and Spurs. The Spurs will have a fierce battle for the 8th seed as they will battle with the Pelicans, Mavericks, and the Kings.

In the eastern conference, it will not be as severe as the west, Bucks will be first in the conference but by a couple of games. The 76ers will be a close second as they have a great team, but they will need time to mesh, and they lack in their depth. Celtics will be third as the addition with Kemba Walker, and Enes Kanter will help them make a deep push. The Brooklyn Nets will be the 4th seed the addition of Kyrie Irving and Deandre Jordan is a significant upgrade, but they will not have Kevin Durant yet to give them that top spot in the east. The 5th seed goes to the Pacers as they more pieces for their team but it is unclear if Victor Oladipo will be ready for opening night. The 6th through 8th seed will be a battle based on who is the better team. The 6th seed will most likely be the Heat the addition of Jimmy Butler elevates them to a new level, and they could potentially make a move for Chris Paul. The Raptors took a significant loss when Leonard signed with the Clippers, but they still have right pieces. The last seed might go to the Magic or the Pistons.

Award Predictions

NBA Playoff Bracket

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

NBA Champions – Los Angeles Clippers
MVPLeBron James
Rookie Of The Year – Ja Morant or Micheal Porter Jr
Most Improved Player – Jaren Jackson Jr
Sixth Man Of The Year – Lou Williams or Josh Hart
Coach Of The Year – Micheal Malone or Doc Rivers
Defensive Player Of The Year – Rudy Gobert or Joel Embiid

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