Kansas Football: ‘Miles to Go’ Release Date & Series Info

The Kansas football program will be featured on a new, upcoming show set to premiere later this month on ESPN+. The Jayhawks, now led by former LSU head coach and ESPN college football analyst Les Miles, are the focus of the series Miles to Go.

The 18-part series will be available to stream beginning on Aug. 29.

Les Miles is not shy about being on camera for the series but did joke about some limits for the camera crew.

“I’m not a guy that just has to worry about where the camera is. But I find myself many times telling them, ‘Hey, listen. The restroom’s off limits. There’s things that I have to do that you don’t need to be involved in,’” Miles said in a press release. “I certainly have enjoyed that crew. They’re a fun group.”

“Sometimes it’s private. Sometimes it’s about as private as getting out of your bed, right? I’ll probably tell them no some. I already have. But they’ve got a lot of yeses, too.”


It will be interesting to see how much access Miles gives ESPN+ to the Jayhawks program.

From the release:

The documentary style series over which KU has some editorial control will have weekly installments after the first four episodes drop two days before the team’s Aug. 31 opener versus Indiana State. For example, Miles said he “never” before had invited outsiders into one of his team’s meeting rooms unless they were family members or part of the athletic department’s academic personnel. That obviously changed when KU agreed to let JM Associates and Sport & Story, which is producing the show for ESPN+, behind the scenes.

Miles and the Jayhawks are set to kickoff their 2019 campaign on August 31 against Indiana State. Kickoff at David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium is set for 12:00 p.m. ET on the FOX Sports Network.

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