Nintendo’s ‘Indie World’: Games, Highlights & Announcements

Earlier this morning, Japenese video-game developer and publishing company, Nintendo, had what they call a ‘Nintendo Direct’. However, this morning’s ‘Nintendo Direct’ was a bit different since it did not showcase any of the companies flag-ship titles. Instead, the ‘Direct’ showcased many of the up and coming Indie games that will be landing on the companies console, the Switch, later this year (2019) or early next year (2020). The ‘Direct’ was only twenty-minutes long and only showcased fourteen titles (with a small compilation of titles that they didn’t give a major spot too). These ‘Nintendo Direct’s usually come with news that gets all of the Nintendo fans happy and excited as to what’s to come and this morning’s ‘Direct’ certainly did not disappoint. So without further ado, here’s all the news that came from this morning’s ‘Nintendo: Indie World’.

Risk of Rain 2

Hopoo Games

A classic-rogue like game that will feature you and, up to a group of three friends, joining together to battle monsters, score awesome loot, and escape from a nefarious planet. Beware, each time that you die, you will have start all over. Risk of Rain 2 releases Summer 2019.



A post-apocalyptic adventure title that features a ‘Gameboy Advance’ style of 2D sprite-art graphics, storytelling, and gameplay. Uncover the truth of the girl that you find in an underground secret lab by exploring the world above. Eastward is coming our way in 2020.

Freedom Finger

Wide Right Interactive

Enjoy this “Bullet-Hell” style of a game as you play as a literal finger-gun flying in the main directional pad directions (up, down, left, and right) shooting enemy alien ships down and out of your way. This indie game will have an amazing cast of voice actors like Nolan North and John Dimaggio; plus, include over 36 music-driven levels with songs from bands like Red Fang and Power StripFreedom Fighter is releasing in Fall 2019.


Polygon Treehouse

Roam around landscapes that are filled with creatures from Norse Mythology. Are you the hero of this dark fantasy tale or are you dark presence? Find out when Roki releases this winter.

Torchlight II

Panic Button & Runic Games

Join up with a group of your friends in this top-down dungeon crawler as you battle hordes of enemies for all of that sweet loot to level-up your characters. Torchlight II arrives on Switch on September 3rd.

Skater XL

Easy Day Studios

If you were a fan of the Tony Hawk: Pro Skater games or Skate series, odds are you should check out this indie skateboarder game. It features all that you can do in the games mentioned and makes sure that no two moves look the same. Skater XL comes out in 2020.



In this 3D-Platformer, defy gravity as you move from platform to platform, solve puzzles, and paint the world as you see fit. In this game, use whatever imagination you have at your disposal to make the world yours. Youropa releases this Winter.


Super Hot Team

This game has been rumored to be ported to the Switch for some time now and it has finally happened. Relive all of those Matrix bullet dodge moments in this first-person action game. Choose your weapon, dodge everything coming at you, and unleash it back at the enemy CPUs in whatever artistic way you can think of. SuperHot is available today.

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened

Chromatic Games

The game that helped popularize the tower defense gameplay genre is back. Go back in time and see what started the story for this series. Dungeon Defenders: Awakened will be available first on the Switch as a timed exclusive, the game releases in February 2020.

The Touryst


A game that honors the 8-bit era with fully rendered 3D stylized graphics is always welcomed. Explore and discover all of the secrets on this new island. The Touryst releases on November 2019.


Umaiki Games

In this 3D action-adventure game you can swap all of your weapons and armor, that’s normal; however, with a fun twist, you can swap the body parts of your character. This opens the game to a wide variety of customization options and gameplay options. Reconquer the kingdom in Skellboy releasing on December 3rd,2019.



In this 2D, side-scrolling runner game help save the world from the conquering dragons. EarthNight runs into the Switch later this year.

Hotline Miami Collection

Dennaton Games

Decide how you wish to slaughter all of your enemies with any weapon or method of your choice in this top-down sprite style action game. This collection comes with both the first Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2 in one digital collection. Hotline Miami Collection releases today on the Nintendo Switch.

Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition

Moon Studios

This was the biggest surprise to come out of today’s ‘Nintendo Direct’. Ori and the Blind Forest was a game that was an Xbox One and Windows PC exclusive since it was published by Xbox Game Studios. This game being re-released on the Nintendo Switch furthers the Microsoft and Nintendo friendship, or business relationship, seeing as it is not the only Xbox game being released on the Nintendo console. Other Xbox exclusive content that is featured on the Switch includes Cuphead, ‘Banjo& Kazooie (coming to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate this Fall), and MinecraftOri and the Blind Forest is a 2D -Platformer that has the player try and save the forest ‘Nible’ from the dark nemesis. Since this re-release is the ‘Definitive Edition’, originally released back in 2016, the game will feature new areas to explore, abilities, and in-game difficulty modes. Ori and the Blind Forest is scheduled to release on Switch on September 27th. Also, be on the look-out for the sequel to this game, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, exclusively on Xbox One and Windows PC coming February 2020.

That’s a lot of indie titles; plus more were announced in the compilation at the end of the ‘Nintendo Direct’ (posted at the top of the article). We don’t know why Microsoft and Nintendo are being so chummy this past year but we don’t mind. This relationship is giving us some awesome cross overs in games and expansions to console library. We hope it continues. Overall, this Nintendo ‘Indie World’ was entertaining and has us excited for most of the games on the list.

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