WATCH: Sam Ponder Can’t Hold in Laughter After Rex Ryan’s Foot Fetish Joke

Rex Ryan may have a future in stand-up comedy after his comedic chops stole the show in the closing moments of ESPN’s morning series Get Up! on Friday, August 16. The former New York Jets and Buffalo Bills coach was on the panel when the conversation shifted to feet and, well. You can already see where this is going.

Host Mike Greenberg was discussing a conversation with an NFL player who reportedly has his toenails removed before the start of the season.

The comments seemed to gross-out Ponder, who joked about people eating breakfast.

“We’ve got to quit talking about feet and toenails while people are eating their Cheerios,” she said.

That was a pretty good crack in and of itself, but that was nothing compared to the quick wit of the former NFL head coach — and the panel definitely wasn’t prepared for his comedic genius to come out.

“Well, let’s not talk about feet,” Ryan said with a deadpanned look that would have made Anthony Jeselnik proud.

It took a second for what Rex Ryan said to actually sink in, but once everyone realized the joke he was making it was pure chaos on the set with Ponder unable to control her laughter before declaring “I’m done!” She ultimately left the set while continuing to crack up over Ryan’s quip.

Ryan, meanwhile, simply smirked at the camera.

If you aren’t aware, Ryan has an infamous foot fetish that has been a joke in NFL circles for years. There was once a photo of his wife’s feet spotted on the desk in his office when he was with the New York Jets, and a video of his wife’s feet also made the rounds on the internet. It looks like Rex is proud to embrace his fetish and now he is using it to bring smiles to other people’s faces.

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