WATCH: This May Be the Most Devastating KO of 2019

Bare-knuckle boxing is regaining popularity in recent months thanks to performances like Kaleb Harris’ at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 7. Unfortunately for Jonathon Vistinte, he was on the receiving end of one of the most vicious knockouts you will see this year.

The two men were facing off when Harris landed a crushing right hook as his opponent loaded up an uppercut and immediately separated Vistinte from consciousness.

Vistinte froze in place and the referee waved off the bout before he even crashed to the mat.

You can watch the unbelievable knockout below.

“I’m on cloud nine right now. This is the twentieth fight of my career and I told a few of my close friends I was ending it in the second round,” Harris said following the fight, via the New York Post. “I knew in the first round when I dropped him a couple of times, I knew that with each punch it was getting easier.

“I am willing to fight anybody, anytime, anywhere whether it’s MMA or bare knuckle. So anybody that thinks they want to shut my mouth, they come and get it.”

As for Vistinte, the knockout was enough for him and he’s decided to call it a career.

“It was a good run. Had my first professional fight at 16. I loved every minute of it. It’s took me too long to realize that the dream of my children and family are more important than mine alone,” he wrote in a statement on Twitter. “It’s been real guys. I love every single one of y’all who have supported me. Thank u”

If you want to see the action leading up to the brutal finish, here is the full fight:


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