WATCH: Simone Biles Enters GOAT Conversation With 2 Historic Moves

Simone Biles is a national treasure. The United States gymnastic, who won four gold medals at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, wowed the crowd over the weekend at the USA Gymnastics Championships in Kansas City en route to her sixth national championship.

It was a historic performance for Biles, who became the first woman to land two history-making moves during the competition.

The first time Biles put her name in the record books was with an unbelievable double-double dismount (a double twist and double somersault) on balance beam. Of course, she nailed the landing.

But then, Biles returned to competition on Sunday, August 10 and topped that maneuver.

While competing in the floor exercise, the 22-year-old completed a triple-twist, double-flip on her first pass that left the crowd in awe.

To show just how incredible the move was, NBC showed a wider view of the move that showed she came so high off of the mat that she cleared the camera by a few feet before coming down with the perfect landing. Check it out in slow-motion:

From USA Today Sports’ Nancy Armour:

Biles landed her triple twisting-double somersault Sunday, getting so much height on the move the folks in the first half-dozen rows had to crane their necks to see her. An NBC replay showed she was actually above its boom camera, which means someone could have parked an SUV on the floor and Biles would have cleared it easily.

Simply incredible.

If she wasn’t in the conversation before, Biles should now be considered one of the greatest athletes of all-time. She certainly has a case to be the greatest United States gymnast we have ever seen. With her win in the all-around competition, Biles also tied a 67-year-old record for the most all-around titles.

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