Longtime Clinton Conspiracy, #ClintonBodyCount, Resurfaces After Epstein Death

Following the death of disgraced millionaire financier and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, a longtime Clinton conspiracy resurfaced on social media that accuses former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton of being involved in multiple “suspicious” deaths.

The conspiracy theory was accompanied by the hashtag “#ClintonBodyCount” and quickly became a top trend on Twitter.

One of those who helped push the theory was longtime Trump aide Lynne Patton, who posted a photo of Epstein on social media along with the caption “Hillary’d. P.S. Let me know when I’m supposed to feel badly about this… #VinceFosterPartTwo.”

Vince Foster refers to a former White House counsel who worked under Bill Clinton before committing suicide in July 1993. That suicide remains one of the focal points of the “Clinton Body Count” conspiracy to this day.


Some of the comments on social media read:

“Epstein the perfect example how the USA is rampant in corruption when “political analysts” talk about corruption in Russia, they fail to mention how USA is even more corrupt, a country where its citizens r gunned down all in the name of $$, #Clintoncide #ClintonBodyCount.”

Another user added:

“Whoever was ‘Watching ‘ looked the other way and now has a fat offshore account. #ClintonBodyCount #EpsteinSuicide.”

The Clinton conspiracy continues in far-right circles and the QAnon followers who believe the Clinton family is part of the “deep state” that is involved in child sex trafficking and other dark crimes.

“This conspiracy just sort of hung around,” said Joe Uscinski, a University of Miami associate professor and author of the book, American Conspiracy Theories, via NBC News. “Mainly because the Clintons have been in power for so long and because she’s the most recent face of the Democratic Party. She’s a good boogeyman for Republicans to use now still.”

Despite the continued conspiracy theories, the Clintons have never been found to be directly involved in the deaths of any prominent figures or close associates. However, that doesn’t seem to be deterring the decades-long conspiracies to continue.

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