Boy Calls 911 Because He’s Hungry; Police Respond by Delivering Pizza

Police in Florida were responding to a 911 call when they learned the true nature of their emergency. A young boy had dialed up 911 which led to a well-being heck on the youngster. However, as it turned out, the little guy was really just hungry and was trying to order a pizza.

That’s when the officers took action and decided to help the kid out while also teaching a valuable lesson about the seriousness of dialing 911.

“Officers Morales, Mejia, and Hernandez responded to a home on Key Haven Dr., for a well-being check on a 911 call made by a juvenile. While officers were on their way, dispatch informed them that the child told them he was hungry and wanted to order pizza,” the Sanford Police Department wrote in a Facebook post.

“After arriving on scene, officers met the young boy and his older sister. She told officers they were fine and her brother had grabbed the phone without her knowledge. Officers used it as an opportunity to teach about the proper use of 911, then went and bought a large box of pizza and personally delivered it.”

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Kudos to the police for handling things well.

In fact, their good deed didn’t go unnoticed and Facebook users were praising the department for the way they handled the situation.

“Great work! He’ll always remember that 3 police officers brought him pizza,” one Facebook user commented. “A great way to teach two valuable lessons: 1. Police are our friends; and, 2. When it is appropriate to call 911.”

Another added: “He was just one hungry child. Can you imagine how many more children are hungry since summer break. God bless y’all. I would have done the same thing.”

Let’s just hope that 911 gets flooded by hungry kids looking to score a free pizza moving forward — not that we would be able to blame them.

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