Here Is How Carbon Capture Can Help Reduce Pollution

In our ever-growing, a world a major threat lingers over us every day: pollution. With how much manufacturing we do daily, we are always at odds with the way we treat the environment. If this rate continues, it just might be the end of all our natural resources. Thankfully, this problem has not gone unnoticed.

There’s has been recent studies that have shown a possibility to turn the dense CO2 gases in the air into the source we might need to save the environment. In this article, we will be going over how such an idea is possible and how it came to be.

Our Main Problem and Solution

CO2 the problem at question


As described prior, one of the most significant issues that the eath faces right now is within its atmosphere. CO2 goes into the air because of how much smoke and waste is produced by massive production plants and warehouses. While it’s not intentional, the consequence it’s creating is still unavoidable and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Although we have been making progress in recent times to favor nonpoulted forms of energy such as solar panels, the process is pretty time and consuming, and expense in the long run. Furthermore, even if we find a way to never use fossil fuels ever again, all that waste in the air is still present. Making our summers hotter and rain more toxic.

That is why the possibility of carbon capture technology has shown us enormous potential in fixing this problem. This is accomplished by taking the carbon in the air and keeping it underground so that the air can remain cleaner and smoother in the future.

How This Is Possible?

Showing us the potential


One might find themselves puzzled as to how such a feat of innovation could be possible. This is because the technology works in a two-way structure.

The first step, according to the reports from Popular Science, comes from the process of separating the carbon that is contained in either the coal or natural gas that is burned in the first place. This can be accomplished by either chemical reactions or being able to filter the material which can result in gas that is more based in hydrogen over carbon.

The next comes afterward. Once that gas has been used, there will be a new step added to the overall process that will extract any remaining CO2. This is where the idea of storing the residual carbon comes back around. Saving this back into the ground will act as a form of recycling altogether.

What Now?

The earth we need to save


The truth is that these ideas about trying to restore the earth atmosphere are only that: plans. While the plans sound beneficial, it may be feared that they will not be enough. As the process of burning gases has been around for so long and has done so much harm alone, that even carbon capture alone could become the same time-consuming concern mentioned before.

However, if people care enough about their environment and do so before it’s too late. Then perhaps the solution of carbon capture technology might not seem as long of a process as one might believe. There might even be enough support behind it to be placed as a standard across the world. Therefore, creating a much faster process and faster chance of our environment staying clean for generations to come.

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