WATCH: Mother of 3 Chases Down Alleged Flasher While Jogging

Aia Polansky, a mother of three, was out for her morning job when she came across a man who reportedly indecently exposed himself. The 33-year-old single mother alleges that a man exposed himself while she was passing him. He chose the wrong woman, however, because Polansky is a personal trainer and served in the Israeli Army, according to Inside Edition.

After seeing the man, Polansky took matters into her own hands and decided to chase him down.

Eventually, Polansky was able to pin the man to the ground. She attempted to call for help and to have someone call the police, but she claims no one was willing to step in.

“I went out for a run. It was 6 a.m. in the morning. I was having a great day. I was listening to fantastic audio blog — enjoying a beautiful view of Boston. I was about 3 miles from where I live. Suddenly, I saw a guy pulling down his pants,” Polansky said, via ABC News. “I just realized, this is wrong and I’m going to get this guy. So I just did a quick U-turn, I was running pretty fast when he flashed his pants down. … I chased him down, I caught him and I was holding him. He did shake his hand off me the first time I caught him.

“I was asking people to call the police and ask for help. Nobody did. I let my hand off him because I realized that nobody can help me out. I had to do it myself.”

Polansky was not able to restrain the man before any help arrived, so he was able to get away.

However, there is surveillance footage that spotted him jogging further down the path. Police are looking for the suspect who is “a white male with a heavy build, short dark-colored hair, a receding hair line, wearing black and gray running clothes and black running shoes with white soles.”

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