‘Spawn #300’: Full Story & Details On Expansion Of The ‘Spawn-Verse’

Reported by comicbook.com, Image founder and Spawn creator, Todd Mcfarlane, teased at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 that the ‘Spawn-Verse’ will be getting an expansion. Spawn #300 is set to be a big-time marker for McFarlane’s highly beloved character. Spawn #300 is said to have an all-star cast of comic book creators working on the title. Names like Jerome Opena, who has worked on comics like Seven To Eternity and The Uncanny X-Men, Scott Snyder, who has worked on multiple Batman comics (including the new Dark Knight: Metal series), and many other talented comic book creators will be featured in this new project. This book will also create another achievement for McFarlane since #301 will make his Spawn series the longest-running independent owned comic book franchise in history. Beyond that, McFarlane has stated, in an interview with comicbook.com, that he doesn’t plan to stop there and that he has plans for the series to go even further. He even has a good portion of his plans “fleshed-out”.

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During the interview, McFarlane stated that in order to expand the ‘Spawn-Verse’, in a massive manner, he will need to, “pull the lens back, which means the world gets bigger, which means I need to populate it with more relevant characters” and that “it would be super fun to be able to tie those with some of the stuff that some of the other creative people and my partners have done in the past, or could create.”

However, McFarlane’s ‘Spawn-Verse’ is already filled with gruesome and mind-bending characters such as ‘Sam’ and ‘Twitch’, ‘Violator’, ‘Jason Wynn’, ‘Overtkill’, ‘Mammon’, and much more. It’ll be interesting to see what new characters and stories that McFarlane and his partners can create for the series; that is since the creator wishes to make the series reach “600 issues”. Though, with this team of comic creators, we have no doubt that these guys can do it.

Spawn #300 will be hitting comic book store shelves and online retailers August 28th, but wait there’s more. Beyond the comics, Spawn will be getting a new feature film, which is already in the works (with more info about a new design for ‘Spawn’ on comicbook.com), and ‘Spawn’ will be played by popular actor, Jamie Foxx. If you are new to the character ‘Spawn’, we highly suggest that you go and watch the animated Spawn series on Amazon Prime Video or by any other means you have. The animated series premiered on the subscription-based television channel, HBO, back in 1998 and featured an introduction of each episode by McFarlane himself. The series acts as a good catalyst to get people interested in the character and his universe; however, like the comics, it is a very dark and gruesome series (which also makes it awesome). As an added bonus, fans of Spawn will be able to play the character in NetherRealm Studios’ Mortal Kombat 11 later this year as DLC and we are excited to see the gruesome ‘fatalities’ and ‘brutalities’ the Hell-Spawn has to offer us.

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