YouTuber Accused of ‘Animal Endangerment’ While Recreating Kylie Jenner Photos

Kristen Hancher, a popular YouTuber with more than 5.8 million followers on Instagram, is known for recreating photos of Kylie Jenner. Unfortunately for her, she was in some hot water after outrage over a photo posted that showed her riding a horse.

Immediately after posting the photo, Hancher was accused of animal endangerment because the horse was submerged in the water.

The equestrians were coming for her head, but Kris didn’t seem too bothered and a rep told Buzzfeed News that the horse was never in any danger during the photoshoot.

“Kristen is an animal lover,” the rep said. “The horse was safe at all times. There were no waves and nothing that could have endangered the horse. Kristen has two dogs herself and would never do anything to endanger an animal of any type,”

Are we really at a point now that we are policing who is sitting on a horse properly and debating whether they’re using the proper equipment? Oh, and horses can swim.

Anyway, here is the photo in question.

Seems pretty harmless, right? But apparently, you never want to get Equestrian Insta on your bad side. Buzzfeed News has a rundown of some of the criticism, which also claims she is using “horse culture” — whatever in the hell that actually is — to get some extra clout.

Everyone needs to take a deep breath and relax.

In the meantime, you can check out more photos of Kristen in the gallery below or head on over to Instagram to give her a follow.


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