How to Make a Bed TV Lift

The built-in TV lift is a convenient way of mounting technology, which allows to hide it in furniture. Progressive Automations offers thin, powerful, silent and reliable TV Lift Mechanisms that are designed to be used for furniture improvement. Their use allows customers to hide & show the monitor, TV or projector from a dresser, desk, kitchen furniture, cabinets or beds. These mechanisms are operated using the electric linear actuator, and remote control technology.

Optionally, the TV lift can be placed in the back of the sleeping bed or in the bedside dresser, equipped with a retractable motorized lift. There are merely unlimited variants of elevators for sleeping bed. As all, they serve to lift TV screens of different sizes – small screens with a diagonal of up to 32 inches, and large plasma display panels and LCD screens of over 90 inches. The lifting mechanisms themselves are not large and are easily embedded in any cabinets and even rather thin headboards.

Those craftsmen wishing to make a DIY bed TV lift have to build a new cabinet specially designed for the TV lift automation product purchased or to buy the new cabinet and then cut off the rectangular hole in the surface of a cabinet so that all the construction could be placed inside the cabinet. The same thing should be made with the headboard where craftsmen want to install their TV lifts. The size of the cabinet chosen can vary depending on the actual size of the TV screen wanted to be lifted. The surface which is sawn out from the cabinet or headboard can be attached later back as a cover for the whole construction to look seamless. 

The pop-up TV lift mechanism then has to be mounted inside the cabinet. With supporting rails and brackets, it can be fastened to the cabinet tightly. The owner has to make sure the whole construction is capable to lift a heavy weight – it must be quite solid to do that. After the elevating construction is finished the TV monitor has to be also fastened to it. The power control box can be hidden inside the cabinet. Then it should be connected with a Pop-up TV lift with an electric wire to supply a current to the actuator built inside. 

After all these manipulations are done, the user can enjoy his work testing the pop-up bed TV lift by himself. Such an automation technology made by own hands will bring even greater comfort to a house owner. Imagine a bedroom represented in an antique style and having nothin looking modern. But still, with automated bed TV lift, this interior will preserve its unique spice making it unlike others antique styles interiors.

Hiding TV screens represent no more difficulties. Now making them hidden away from the sight is not only a solution for economizing the interior space but also for preserving the authenticity of the old-fashioned interiors so pleasantly presented to numerous tourists visiting old historic buildings, and antique style hotels around the globe. 

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