Stress-Induced Asthma: Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention Tips for Students

Many college students often face stress in their everyday life. This comes in the form of several obstacles, such as homework, careers, money, and more. Recent studies have found that too much stress can link to a person’s asthma.

But how are these connected? More importantly, how can these symptoms be spotted and prevented? That is where we go more in depth.

How The Two Connect

Showing lungs as example


The way these work together is quite simple. Asthma is a reaction that can be caused by many different factors, such as pollen, animal hair, humidity, and more. It causes the airway flow in the lungs to close up, resulting in a much harder time to breathe with lots of coughing fits.

Therefore, stress on a person with a pre-existing asthma condition can make inflammation to the lungs worse. Although it is still possible that a person without a pre-existing asthma condition can even contract asthma this way.

How Can Students Prevent This?

Walking to relive stress


A lot of the best methods of avoiding Stressed Induced Asthma can come from a lot of the same ways to prevent everyday stress.

1. Try to get the right amount of sleep. It may sound like the only option sometimes to “pull an all-nighter” to study, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of health. Try to plan a schedule of what needs to be considered first and most importantly. If you find you struggle with the most with a subject, spend more time on it rather then cramming it all in one night.

2. Find time to take a break. We’re not machines, were not made to work 24/7 so it should be evident that we can only do so much in a certain period. While taking a break, try to do one of the following acts.

First, get some exercise, even a simple walk around the campus will help get some anxiety out if you can let it go. Second, try to have a better diet, eat for fruit if possible and drink more water over a sugar-filled beverage. Lastly, find a form of meditation. It doesn’t have to be traditional, but anything that helps you relax and breath natural will help calm your senses, plus it gives a lot less of a chance to your asthma

3. A more overlooked way to relieve stress is to avoid negative influence. There are plenty of other students who likely have no idea what they are doing, and while they speaking with others, you may overhear them start to complain about what they have to do. If what they are talking about is related to your own tasks, then this can cause a problem in your self-esteem. The trick is to avoid them if possible, then remember everything about your plan and how you’re going to succeed. Always have some self-confidence to keep you afloat.

If All Else Fails

Geting theropy


If nothing is helping, then the best case scenario is to seek medical help. Just about all of the most prominent universities have their own health centre. There you can get mental councilling and a possible treatment plan for medication. But that should only resort to the last-ditch effort.

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